Shiva Baby (2021)

SPOILER WARNING for Shiva Baby (2021).

“No funny business with Maya.”

It’s the line in Shiva Baby that set many bisexuals to ‘cringe’ from the accuracy, you know, turning sexuality into a loud toy not to be played with in public. That line, though, is the first of many shoe drops that set off this fun, messy, anxiety-inducing story from Emma Seligman and co. The story already starts colorfully with Danielle earning her paycheck as a sugar baby. Now, from her mom’s mandate, we learn she’s queer — more specifically bi.

We quickly discover a lot about who Danielle is…

visual. emotional.

Pixar recently hit 25 years in the animated feature film game. 2020 marked that milestone, and that year saw the release of two Pixar films in Onward and Soul. Soul got a more significant wave of attention and praise, and it felt like a big event when it dropped. I was there day one on Christmas watching it with my mom and sister, and for Onward, I was somewhere in the middle of doomsday when that one came out. For that, I feel Onward didn’t get the proper attention it deserved, from me at least. The first viewing…

visual. emotional.

YouTube is my go-to destination for entertainment. It gets my attention far before a Netflix or an HBO MAX. I often tune into YouTubers like Damon Domonique, Kelly Stamps or Ashley from bestdressed to satisfy my hunger for aesthetic and attitude. I also serve my nerd/tech side with the likes of MKBHD, Brian Tong and Nerdist. But one category of video I find myself in love with is these very emotional-driven, snapshots of life type videos. Nothing trying to be glamorous, simply just humans being human. …

digital. emotional.

Loneliness can be described as noticing the gap between your social desires and actual social experiences. Personally, I like being alone. It gives me time to rest my thoughts and recharge my creativity, and while I’ve found comfort in being alone, that does not equate to me accepting the byproduct of loneliness. I deal with these feelings in the best ways I can, but I often wonder about other solutions.

One of my all-time favorite films is Spike Jonze’s Her. I’m fascinated by how a highly intelligent AI could read someone’s emotions and act accordingly. I thought, “What…

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There are two sides to our thinking: rational and emotional, although there is just one us. Immediately we are born with a conflict. The easy thing to do here is to pick a side. You figure thinking rationally will get done the things you want. Or maybe you think going off of emotions is the best way to be authentically yourself. Well, what if there was a way to achieve your goals without losing who you are. …

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I’m not going to do a full redux on this post, but in case you’re reading this, I’ve opted to forgo the self-development schtick. I’ve decided to hone in my focus on emotional health and awareness, using technology and art as the two opposing — sometimes symbiotic — conduits for such an endeavor. With that comes a new ‘visual’ tentpole in place of the ‘minimal’ one previously installed. I’ll let the original article below continue to breathe, but just know the new wave around these parts is ‘digital. visual. emotional.’


digital. minimal. emotional.

These are the three…

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